New Car Protection

So you have ordered your new car and now you are looking to protect your investment going forward, why? ​


  • Protects against minor scratches

  • Helps against stone chips

  • Protects interior fabrics/Leather

  • Reduces time and money on care in the future

  • Maintains resale value


Here at Nobles Detailing we can protect every aspect of your vehicle from the tyres, wheels, trim, glass, paintwork. Interior exterior using only products we have tried and tested to bring you the best quality at the best prices.

New Car Detail:


  • Car fully degreased with citrus degreaser, washed using ph neutral shampoo and deionised water

  • Bodywork clayed to ensure a smooth glass like finish

  • Single stage machine polish to help remove any hidden dealer preparation

  • Bodywork polished multi-levels for the deepest possible shine

  • Wheels deep cleaned with non-acidic cleaner

  • Whole vehicle wiped down with panel wipe to make sure the surface is prepared to the very best standard

G|techniq Protection:

  • Body coated with G|techniq C1 Crystal Lacquer nano composite coating 1-2years durability

  • Windscreen coated with G|techniq G1 ClearVision coating - lasting 10,000 - 20,000miles

  • All Trim Treated G|techniq C4 trim sealant -stops trim from fading over time.

  • Front and back of Wheels treated to a full polish and G|Techniq C5 sealant applied - Makes care simple and stops dirt/dust from sticking


Prices from only £300*














Standalone Services


Wheel coating


  • Helps to keep wheels clean and stops brake dust baking to the surface of the wheel

  • Wheels removed, washed, clayed and polished and sealed with Gtechniq C5

  • Tyres treated to deep clean and seal with G|techniq Tyre dress


All four wheels: £100* 


G1 ClearVision SmartGlass coating


  • All glasswork protected

Entire Car: £40

Interior - Clean & Seal with Gtechniq Sealant

  • Leather clean and protect + carpets & mats

All seats clean & protect £125 & additional protection for £50

Fabric clean and protect + carpets & mats

  • All seats cleaned & protected


£100 & additional protection for £50




**Full glass sun roofs add £10

*Wheels 20" and above add £20  

We accept credit and debit cards

We accept credit and debit cards


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